You can choose between Television (Populist) or Geography (High Brow) in the second Specialist Quiz session (11.00 – 12.30).

The Specialist Quizzes have 50 questions across two papers, each of 25 questions.

Television (P)
TV programmes, performers, awards, music (themes, diegetic and non-diegetic), people making television – broadcasters, directors, writers etc. (not camera/studio technicians)

Geography (HB)
Physical geography, including mountains, rivers, lakes, seas, oceans, land formations, human geography including cities, boundaries, canals, other man-made constructions, National Parks and their history, historical geography.

The Players

GeographyAbhinav Kishore
GeographyAditi Chatterji
GeographyAlexandre Gonçalves
GeographyAmit De
GeographyAndreas Kröll
GeographyAndreas Stolz
GeographyAndrew Frazer
GeographyAndrew Teale
GeographyAndy Ostreich
GeographyAndy Tucker
GeographyAnton Jacobsen
GeographyBarry Simmons
GeographyBojan Lukic
GeographyBraca Kundali
GeographyChris Braxel
GeographyChris Goheen
GeographyClaudia Losch
GeographyDag Rønning
GeographyDaoud Jackson
GeographyDave McBryan
GeographyDavid Edwards
GeographyDavid Stainer
GeographyDerek O’Neill
GeographyDerk De Graaf
GeographyDidier Bruyere
GeographyDiederick van Elst
GeographyDimitar Georgiev
GeographyDimitar Klinkanov
GeographyDirk Vielhuber
GeographyDorjana Širola
GeographyDrago? Beligan
GeographyDuncan McDonald
GeographyEivind Moskvil
GeographyEmil Chifor
GeographyEspen Kibsgård
GeographyFabijan ?orak
GeographyFlemming Borg Nielsen
GeographyFlorian Dirr
GeographyFranco Sottopietra
GeographyFranky Soetens
GeographyFranz Eichhorn
GeographyFrédéric Faucheux
GeographyGábor Hacsek
GeographyGeir Kristiansen
GeographyGeorgi Dimitrov
GeographyGerben Smit
GeographyGonçalo Pereira
GeographyGuido ter Stege
GeographyHarald Aastorp
GeographyHolger Waldenberger
GeographyHugh Bennett
GeographyIan Bayley
GeographyIan Clark
GeographyIgor Habal
GeographyIllar Tonisson
GeographyImre Gerley
GeographyIndrek Salis
GeographyIvan Andonov
GeographyJack Bennett
GeographyJan-Egil Aakernes
GeographyJanneta Kat
GeographyJean Cui
GeographyJens Everaerdt
GeographyJérôme Vachet
GeographyJim Mudrak
GeographyJoerg Wunsch
GeographyJoey Goldman
GeographyJohannes Eibl
GeographyJohn van Maris
GeographyJon Inge Kolden
GeographyJonathan Elliott
GeographyJørgen Skjånes
GeographyJosé André
GeographyJoseph O’Donoghue
GeographyJulie Bratvold
GeographyKaarel Silmato
GeographyKathryn Verwillow
GeographyKevin Ashman
GeographyKevin Jones
GeographyKrešimir Su?evi?-Me?eral
GeographyKris Van der Coelden
GeographyLajos Molnár
GeographyLars Heggland
GeographyLars Van Moer
GeographyLeslie Shannon
GeographyLovro Juriši?
GeographyLovro Marinovi?
GeographyLuc Venstermans
GeographyManuel Hobiger
GeographyMarcel Visschers
GeographyMarcian Istrate
GeographyMario Abel
GeographyMarius Bogdan Tudor
GeographyMark Grant
GeographyMark Henry
GeographyMark Walton
GeographyMartin Webb
GeographyMati Rali
GeographyMats Sigstad
GeographyMatt Todd
GeographyMaurice van Maris
GeographyMax Fitz-James
GeographyMihail Sarafov
GeographyMihály Bokor
GeographyMorana Zibar
GeographyMorten K Pedersen
GeographyNed Pendleton
GeographyNeil Macaskill
GeographyNeven Miliji?
GeographyNic Mortimer
GeographyNico Pattyn
GeographyNicu Perojuc
GeographyOdd Rune Heggheim
GeographyOle Martin Halck
GeographyOliver Levy
GeographyOve Poder
GeographyPatrick Carthy
GeographyPaul Arts
GeographyPaul Paquet
GeographyPerica Živanovi?
GeographyPeter Meiners
GeographyPhilipp Rohrer
GeographyPlamen Mladenov
GeographyPrakhar Gupta
GeographyRaj Dhawalia
GeographyRasmus Jørgensen
GeographyRick Bakker
GeographyRob Hannah
GeographyRobert Sutherland
GeographyRoderick Cromar
GeographyRoland Knauff
GeographyRonny Swiggers
GeographySarah Wielding
GeographySean O’Neill
GeographySebastian Jacoby
GeographySebastian Klussmann
GeographyShane Whitlock
GeographySteven Perry
GeographyTauno Vahter
GeographyTero Kalliolevo
GeographyThomas De Bock
GeographyThomas Kolåsæter
GeographyThorsten Zirkel
GeographyTihomir Georgiev
GeographyTim Polley
GeographyTim Westcott
GeographyTore Heliks Van Dahl
GeographyTraian Rotarescu
GeographyTuomas Tumi
GeographyUjjwal Deb
GeographyUldis Apsalons
GeographyVanja Tomašev
GeographyVincent Rousset
GeographyVladimir Bekiarov
TelevisionAlina Tanase
TelevisionAlina Teodoru
TelevisionAnders Pedersen
TelevisionAndreas B. Schei
TelevisionAnnegret Schenkel
TelevisionArild Tørum
TelevisionArne Blakkisrud
TelevisionAstrid Rief
TelevisionCéline Marlot
TelevisionDalila Xavier
TelevisionDean Kotiga
TelevisionDries Van De Sande
TelevisionEduard Stan
TelevisionGalen Chung
TelevisionGerard Mackay
TelevisionHenry Herron
TelevisionIngrid Sande Larsen
TelevisionJeffrey Seguritan
TelevisionJohan Blakkisrud
TelevisionJorge Páramos
TelevisionJussi Suvanto
TelevisionKathryn Johnson
TelevisionKatrin Tanzer
TelevisionKnut Heggland
TelevisionKrešimir Štimac
TelevisionLander Frederickx
TelevisionLorcan Duff
TelevisionMads Theodorsen
TelevisionMaj-Britt Christensen
TelevisionMario Kovac
TelevisionMark Ryder
TelevisionMarte Stang Midttun
TelevisionMichael Renzler
TelevisionMichael-Dennis Biemans
TelevisionMihai-Alexandru Ilioaia
TelevisionMike Bax
TelevisionMiruna Elena Barti
TelevisionNeven Trgovec
TelevisionNicholas Martin
TelevisionNick Mills
TelevisionOlav Bjortomt
TelevisionØystein Aadnevik
TelevisionPatrick Gibson
TelevisionPaul Sinha
TelevisionPetra Lypolt
TelevisionRajan Thambehalli
TelevisionRaluca Georgiana Manole
TelevisionStefan Pletzer
TelevisionStijn Gyselinckx
TelevisionTom Trogh
TelevisionToril Opsahl
TelevisionVanessa Engelhardt