The EQC grew out of a number of meetings in 2003 involving, primarily, quizzers from the UK and Belgium.

In the summer, Belgium’s Steven De Ceuster was one of a number of foreign nationals who travelled to Villa Park in Birmingham, England, to take part in the first ‘World Quizzing Championships’, organised on that occasion by IQA Co-Founders, Jane Allen and Chris Jones of (the International Quizzing Assoc., hereinafter referred to as the “IQA”, would later be established and run the World Quizzing Championships from 2004 onwards).

Then, in December 2003, cementing links first established at Villa Park, Chris Jones went over to Belgium to take part in a quiz in Bruges, as a guest player with Steven De Ceuster’s team, ‘Andes Survivors’. Here discussion with Steven about the Belgian way of organising team quiz events, talks concerning the collaborative nature of their question-setting for events, and discussion also with Nico Pattyn of ‘Café den Hemel’ (a leading Belgian team from Ghent), led to a resolve to bring over a large contingent of English quizzers to Belgium late in 2004 to participate in a Belgian-style team quiz.

And from there things snowballed.